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Web Design

B2B Branding Website & Digital Marketing Agency In Johor Bahru (JB) Malaysia.

Web Design

Web Design & Development In Johor Bahru (JB) Malaysia

A company’s website not only can improve its brand awareness but also can enhance the brand experience for its target audience and users. KKS Brands & Marketing Solutions team will create customised websites and digital experiences that not only reflect your brand value but also enhance the experience of the target audience. Taking inspiration from the data, we built a solution centred on SEO as a best practice, best User experience (UX), and user interface (UI).


In addition, KKS Brands & Marketing Solutions’s team will bring the digital experience and results of website design and customisation to your company.

Web Design

Google SEO

KKS Brands & Marketing Solutions’s team works closely with the search engine optimisation team to ensure that the entire site is designed and developed until it is successfully established and can be quickly marketed and surpassed. If a beautiful and attractive website is not seen, it will do nothing for your company’s marketing. KKS Brands & Marketing Solutions team stands out from other Marketing organisations because of our team’s ability to integrate an integrated approach and ability to deliver a complete marketing solution to your company throughout the construction process.

Web Design

Creative Strategy

Furthermore, our team at KKS Brands & Marketing Solutions is able to create meaningful and creative content for your company to create an immersive experience, attract the attention of the target audience, explore more and motivate the target customers to buy your company’s brand products, thus creating a successful website. KKS Brands & Marketing Solutions’s team will provide content support, strategic support, direction and creativity based on the needs of your brand, whether it is content development for existing assets or creative content production.


Web Design

Developments & Integrations

KKS Brands & Marketing Solutions team will discuss with your company the design and development of the entire website, from the concept to the launch of the e-commerce and branding website. We have enough experience in integrating third-party software to implement any technical problems, including the business functions your company requires on the site. For example, the website reservation function, website payment system, or POS system. KKS Brands & Marketing Solutions’s team know how to use APIs to connect a website to the platform of your choice, creating a seamless link and journey.

The Development Process

The entire website process is made up of ten steps from start to finish. KKS Brands & Marketing Solutions team will focus on marketing strategy to ensure that the entire process completes smoothly.

Step 1

Discover What Our Clients Need.

Step 2

Providing Strategy & Creative Direction

Step 3

User Experience & Wire-framing

Step 4

Discuss & Design Concepts

Step 5

Detailed Designs

Step 6

Front-end Development

Step 7

CMS & Back-end Development|CMS

Step 8

Content Checking & Upload

Step 9

Functional Implementation, Security & Support

Step 10

Quality Assurance

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